Favorite Gijinka of MegaCon 2011 – Throh

At last, the moment you all have been waiting for, my favorite gijinka at MegaCon (that I was able to see):

Throh (Nageki Jp.).  This guy, whoever he is, had some serious guts to not only dress up as a pokemon, but he also picked one with a generally unpopular character design among fans.  Throh is from Black and White so he’s not too popular except to those really into the series (yes, “me”, I know).  But this cosplayer brought a lot to the table.

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Drawings, Sketchings, Inspirations

I’ve attached a few of my sketches.  This is a sample of the stuff I’ve been drawing over the past couple months.  I thought about posting the rest but they’re actually more deserving of having their own posts.  This is usually where I start.  I draw the pokemon usually using Ken Sugimori’s art.  It’s incredible how much you get a sense of the creatures when you do this.

Back in the summer of 2010, I really got into pokemon again, but this time, I got really into the art.  I didn’t just want to play the game anymore.  All over the internet, especially /vp/, there was the most incredible drawings and comics being put together.  Then came the flood of gijinka costumes.  The gijinka cosplay wasn’t just the icing on the cake.  Culminating with the art, the gijinka cosplay photos I saw made me want to get into this like never before.

Coming up with my own stuff usually gets pretty muddled, but I’m not letting that stop me.  Coming up with ideas for gijinka costumes is best part of drawing these pokemon.  Stay tuned for more posts where I show you the crazy sketches that go into making my own personal gijinka.

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Expect lots more press time of this furry rodent. Photo courtesy kotaku.com

We’re less than a month away from Pokémon Black and White’s release.  Reports are already coming in about how Nintendo is planning to spend millions of dollars on advertising.  They’re going to release more movies, promote the tv show, and probably go crazy with toys, collectibles, and merchandise.  The whole plan with this generation, according to game director Junichi Masuda (Game Freak), was to reinvigorate the franchise and take it back to its roots.  They’re trying to capture that feel of mystery and wonder that Pokemon Red and Blue had.

This is all well and good and I applaud Nintendo and Game Freak for making this bold move.  However, I have a few suggestions to Nintendo on how they should spend this money.  Think of this as a short, strategy guide for reviving pokémon…. Continue reading

Munna – Gijinka Personal Project

I played the Random.org game the other day and stumbled upon #23, Munna, the “dream eater” pokemon.


Art by Ken Sugimori of Pk Black and White

Holy Moly this thing freaks me out.   Maybe it’s the red eyes.  They remind me of those rats they used… Continue reading

Yamask – Gijinka Personal Project

Random.org introduced me to pokémon #562 (#68 B/W), Yamask (Jp. Desumasu).  He’s a black ghost with two large red eyes with black irises.  He also has long arms and holds a golden mask below it’s head.  The mask immediately took me back to my art history days, and made me recall the Mask of Agamemnon.  The name “Desumasu” is a Japanese transliteration of … Continue reading