Munna – Gijinka Personal Project

I played the game the other day and stumbled upon #23, Munna, the “dream eater” pokemon.


Art by Ken Sugimori of Pk Black and White

Holy Moly this thing freaks me out.   Maybe it’s the red eyes.  They remind me of those rats they used… Continue reading


Yamask – Gijinka Personal Project introduced me to pokémon #562 (#68 B/W), Yamask (Jp. Desumasu).  He’s a black ghost with two large red eyes with black irises.  He also has long arms and holds a golden mask below it’s head.  The mask immediately took me back to my art history days, and made me recall the Mask of Agamemnon.  The name “Desumasu” is a Japanese transliteration of … Continue reading