[RE-POST] 493 Pokémon Gijinka Anime Girls

Last week, I jumped on the bandwagon of a few other geek blogs and posted an image of a popular piece of gijinka art recently released.  The art piece contained all current pokémon (B/W not included), redrawn as anime girls wearing cosplay.  While some of the costumes could be considered elaborate dresses, others fall into the unfortunate category of softcore fetish art.

I want to sincerely apologize to all my readers, my colleagues, and anyone else who happened to stumble upon this picture while visiting my blog.  I did not want to subject my readers to such lascivious material and I certainly didn’t want to offend anyone.  The post containing the image, including all the comments (sorry, 😦 Vilma), has been removed.  If, however, you are curious and don’t mind looking at slightly-NSFW anime art, then pop on over to Geekologie for the original story.

Seeing that this is a blog on pokémon gijinka, I didn’t feel right completely abandoning the artist’s work.  Below, I’ve included a small slideshow capturing what I felt to be some of the most creative and elaborate samples.  When time allows, I’ll transfer these and the other SFW pictures to their respective pokémon in the art section.

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