Duskull – Personal Gijinka Project

Sometimes, it’s the art that gets you going. Saw this.  Liked it.  It’s going to get made.

From Tony Kanal on Tumblr

-by Tony Kanal on Tumblr-


Not for me of course.  My girlfriend has graciously volunteered to be the model for this completed costume…. Continue reading


Interview – Sean Patton (Costume Designer)

Sean Patton is a part-time costume designer based out of Atlanta, GA. Sean has designed and crafted two incredible costumes for me.  I’m very honored to feature him on this blog because I’ve always wanted to hear his tips and suggestions for costuming.

Q. How did you get into costuming?
A. I started getting into theater in middle school and I always kept involved in community theater.  At college in Winthrope, SC, I became a theater major.  During my time there, I kept working in the costume shop.  Most of what I know today, I gained from largely from experience working with patterns in that shop.

Q. Do you have any formal training?
A. I’m part formally trained, part own experience. When I first started out, I worked in ATL Costume… Continue reading

Munna – Gijinka Personal Project

I played the Random.org game the other day and stumbled upon #23, Munna, the “dream eater” pokemon.


Art by Ken Sugimori of Pk Black and White

Holy Moly this thing freaks me out.   Maybe it’s the red eyes.  They remind me of those rats they used… Continue reading

Yamask – Gijinka Personal Project

Random.org introduced me to pokémon #562 (#68 B/W), Yamask (Jp. Desumasu).  He’s a black ghost with two large red eyes with black irises.  He also has long arms and holds a golden mask below it’s head.  The mask immediately took me back to my art history days, and made me recall the Mask of Agamemnon.  The name “Desumasu” is a Japanese transliteration of … Continue reading

Random.org + Gen V Pokedex + Drawing = Awesome

It hasn’t taken me long to really get into the Gen V pokemon.  Some of their designs are absolutely amazing.  So when I want to start drawing them and getting some ideas for costumes, it’s hard to pick out where to go.

Enter Random.org.  What I do every week is I plug a number between 1 – 155 (the # of pokemon in Black/White) and whichever # pops up, I have to draw it.

Gateway to Awesome

It’s pretty simple and it gives me a lot of diversity.  I end up with pokemon I wouldn’t normally pick and that forces me to get to know the creature really well.

By the way, if you really want to make a solid gijinka costume, my advice would be to spend some time drawing the pokemon you’re interested in.  Something about sitting down and capturing every detail of the little poke-critter gives you the best insight as to what their most noticeable features are.