Today we’re talking with Nikki (aka Piggynukka), listening to her cosplaying experience and how she put together one of the most popular gijinka costumes on the ‘net, Victreebel.

I’m pretty sure many of you have seen Nikki’s cosplay before, especially if you’re into gijinka cosplay.  I’ll let the audio interview do most of the talking but you’ll get to hear about specifically, where the costume idea came from, dealing with the fandom around it, and other cosplay interests.  Credit for the intro song is 100% (C) WillRock at OCremix.org.  Hit the bump for more photos and links.


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~Best Pokemon Gijinka Ever

(C) Dart:DenseBoy

This is Guilmon, the best Pokemon gijinka ever.  The costume is based on Guilmon, the Fire Rock Dinosaur from Pokemon Zirconia.  Guilmon’s moveset includes Throw Rock, Powerancient, Spin Fire, and Stormsand.  With a whopping 2,500 base stats, he’s ultra rare and can only be found by beating the game 16 times without a single Pokemon in your inventory ever fainting.

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Favorite Gijinka of MegaCon 2011 – Throh

At last, the moment you all have been waiting for, my favorite gijinka at MegaCon (that I was able to see):

Throh (Nageki Jp.).  This guy, whoever he is, had some serious guts to not only dress up as a pokemon, but he also picked one with a generally unpopular character design among fans.  Throh is from Black and White so he’s not too popular except to those really into the series (yes, “me”, I know).  But this cosplayer brought a lot to the table.

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MegaCon 2011 – Gijinka, Pokemon, and Other Cosplay

1st MegaCon ever and I walked away impressed. Yesterday I traveled south to Orlando to visit the Orange County Convention Center where the largest anime, sci-fi, all-around-nerdtastic convention in Florida takes place. My girlfriend and I left at 5AM to get to Orlando by 7 (per the advice of a friend). We waited in line very briefly for the tickets but they didn’t open the doors until 10AM. A lot of people stood in line to get into the main convention hall, but we aren’t saps! We waited til the doors were open and then people flushed in like a corral of bulls. Panels, exhibits, comic artists and writers, and oh the costuming NERDS!

Read on for costuming tales and photos galore!

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Interview – Yuffie Suzume (aka Flygon, Espeon, Meganium, etc!)

(C) Yuffie_Suzume & Cosplay.com

I’m very excited to be posting the second of many interviews I’ve done lately.  This week, Pokemon Gijinka Nation interviewed Yuffie Suzume who may be one of the most dedicated costumers I’ve seen to the gijinka art style.  To this date, Yuffie has completed five unique gijinka costumes, all of which has received accolades from her peers on Cosplay.com.

For this interview, we explored a little bit more about her and the inspiration for completing the costumes.

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Duskull – Personal Gijinka Project [Part 2]

Final Product!

At last, my work on building the Duskull Gijinka is done.  This is my first ever attempt at creating a gijinka completely on my own.  I have never sewed anything together in my life.  The needle and thread donated to me by my girlfriend did not come with any instructions.  Fortunately, I had found a lot of articles on the internet to at least figure out some sort of pattern.  The end result is very cute, though I attribute that more to the model than to the costume.  Hit the bump for all the details on how this was made.

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Interview – Kyle Mistry (aka Tropius)

Earlier this week I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing the very talented and artistic Kyle Mistry.  His Tropius (Gen III) gijinka caught my eye when his photos popped up on the front page of Cosplay.com.   In our audio interview, I got to hear more about his experience constructing an original gijinka, crafted based on a design he envisioned.  We also talked about pokemon fandom, gijinka culture, and …. wood glue?

Full interview below

Click the bump for more images of Tropius and links to Kyle’s sites. There, you can see more of his art, graphic design, and non-pokemon cosplay.

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