Welcome to the Pokemon Gijinka Nation, or PokeJinkaNation as I like to call it.  My name is Eric and I’ve been an avid cosplayer for 4 years now, usually only appearing at Dragoncon.  I’ve been very lucky to have worked with some great costume designers who have helped me build some incredible costumes.

Now I’m in a new stage of costuming interests.  Trying to stick with some kind of theme for Dragoncon next year, I fell in love with the artistic movement of “gijinka” (pronounced ‘juh-jinka’) which is a Japanese term referring to giving human attributes to animals, creatures, or inanimate objects.  One of the most popular examples of this style being used is in Pokemon.  Pokemon is now releasing a new series or version, Black and White and I couldn’t be more excited.  This means a whole new palette for creating gijinka pokemon costumes.  With this blog, I hope people who are also major fans of this hobby can come, share their love and experience with it, and also share new ideas for costumes.

Goals and Objectives – That this blog…
-Allows people to research both the best gijinka art and all the best gijinka cosplay, viewing both in the same location
-Offers tips and tutorials on how to accomplish even the most complicated costume designs
-Enables people to comment, rate, and submit their own art and costumes
-Documents my own exploration into the gijinka and the costuming world, venturing into making my own costumes, learning how to sew, design fabrics patterns, and most importantly, turning existing art or my own creations into working costumes

I only ask two things from you, my readers:
1. Keep it civil, flame wars get us all nowhere
2. Keep me in check, if I appear to be faltering from my objectives, let me know


God bless you all and happy hunting in 2011!

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