Otakon – A Mecca for Gijinka on the East Coast

Having never had the opportunity to visit Otakon, I’ve never really known what to expect from the convention.  After seeing what gijinka were showcased this year, I’ve come to the conclusion that this blog is hurting itself by not visiting there.  Take a look below for some of the most spectacular examples of gijinka ever fabricated.

Honchkrow & Emboar (C) Champions of Cosplay

Honchkrow Gijinka (C) Zinkyufox

Kyurem Gijinka (C) Dramaya

(L to R gijinka) Absol, Flygon, Latios and Latias (C) Solstis

Houndoom Gijinka w/ half goatee (C) ~Y0-Mama

Chinchou (C) Gogorowboat

Darumakka! (C) Champions of Cosplay

This was only a fraction of the incredible gijinka costumes made and worn at Otakon 2011.  The level of dedication, creativity and hard work is astounding.  The costumes are authentic, they use good fabric, they have great patterns, and they’re so elaborate.  This is what I always hoped and dreamed I would see develop in the gijinka community.  I can only hope to match this level of quality and commitment in my own gijinka projects.

To the makers of any and all gijinka costumes at Otakon this year, my hat is off to you. Congrats and thank you for keeping the gijinka fandom going.