Awesome Meganium Gijinka – For Sale!

Hey gijinka fans and loyal readers, one of my friends and interviewees is selling one of her incredible gijinka cosplays.  Yuffie_Suzume, who I interviewed about her Flygon and Entei costumes, is selling her Meganium gijinka.  She actually posted photos of this costume after I had done the interview so I didn’t get to post any here on this blog.  Hit the bump for more info and pics

As you may have seen in my last interview with Yuffie_Suzume, she’s a very good costume designer.  This Meganium, like all her other ones, is hand made.  The flower skirt is pretty spot on especially when you look at the original critter and the drawing she based it off of.  I would probably sew down the pleats a little because they look like they can get a little revealing (Meganium used Flash! Super effective?).  She did use the yellow string to tie up her hair but that ribbon doesn’t quite stand out enough.  You could tie it closer to the top of your head.  Or, what you might actually want to do is glue gun some yellow fabric around a wire so it has that anti-gravity effect like in the drawing.

For those of you who don’t want to do too much grunt work but still have a great gijinka, I think this is a great find.  Also, if you think you can get this for $50 or less, it’s a steal.  But, if it was me buying it, I would ask her to throw in the wig, shoes and Chikorita plushie (to complete the look :D).  If you want to check more of her cosplay portfolio (which you should, especially if you like Espeon gijinka) or any of the other pokemon related items she has on sale, head over to her page or check out her DeviantArt page.


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