~Best Pokemon Gijinka Ever

(C) Dart:DenseBoy

This is Guilmon, the best Pokemon gijinka ever.  The costume is based on Guilmon, the Fire Rock Dinosaur from Pokemon Zirconia.  Guilmon’s moveset includes Throw Rock, Powerancient, Spin Fire, and Stormsand.  With a whopping 2,500 base stats, he’s ultra rare and can only be found by beating the game 16 times without a single Pokemon in your inventory ever fainting.

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What’s the matter? Problem?


Hey, it’s April Fools.  We all have to have a little fun. Guilmon is not from the Pokemon series and is instead from those oh so spectacular knock-offs, Digimon.  I know almost nothing about Digimon and don’t really want to rag on it because, even though it’s not Pokemon-related, this costume is incredible. I think there’s plenty here that we can take away from and learn.

A lot of what I’m about to describe to you is described in more detail and with plenty of photos on the creator’s Cosplay.com page.  Pop on by if you want more of the photos and descriptions.

(C) Dart:Dense Boy

This person made the entire thing by hand.  It’s a combination of fabric, upholstery foam, mesh, and a lot of hot glue.  I’m actually impressed that they didn’t sew a lot of the fabric around the foam and used hot glue instead.  My guess is that they tried that and it looked too loose.  The hot glue keeps the fabric taught (though you better make sure your fabric ain’t cheap).

(C)Dart:Dense Boy

In the image above, you can see all the foam pieces.  The artist says that the foam is ordinary cushion foam but of a very dense variety.  The tail, arms, and head look especially solid.

(C)Dart:Dense Boy

In the image above, you can definitely see the flex in the feet, but otherwise this foam does not look too pliable.  This may be for the best because otherwise the fabric would not have wrapped around as well as it did.   The head is actually multiple piece hot glued together.

(C)Dart:Dense Boy

Now here’s the kicker.  As seamless as this all looks, there are so many different pieces to this costume.  The costumer is actually wearing red pants and a red shirt that match perfectly with the fabric picked out for the foam pieces.  They attach to each other via sewn on zipper.  The toes and fingers are made of a dough mixture she concocted.  Perhaps it’s paper mache.

(C)Dart: Dense Boy

Here’s the final product.  You can see the costumer added one big padded piece of fabric to form the chest.  It looks like it was also either hot glued or sewn on.  There is a piece of mesh fabric below the creature’s mouth that covers the face.  Though it looks tough to move around in, the costumer actually says they had little to no problem with mobility.  These two videos ((C)-gaurdiansandi) actually give a great demonstration of how easy it is for the costumer to walk around (and even run).

and this…

You can also tell in the skipping video that the tail is actually softer than it looks in the previous pictures.  It has a little bit of a bounce to it.

I think this is a really neat costume.  The artist didn’t have too much to work with.  No existing pattern, testing what worked and what didn’t, hot glue and couch foam.  And look what she made!  Guilmon is a great costume and I’m sure it was a huge hit at conventions.  All the commentary on the Cosplay.com page is so supportive and it looks like they got a lot of respect for the hard work.  This costume even inspired another cosplayer to build something similar but with the Pokemon Scyther (see below)

(C) PsychoPharoah & Instrumental Photography

Nice.  Come check us out next time readers.  We’ll be sharing more tips, interviews, and crazy costume ideas.  Til then, have a wonderful April Fool’s!


3 Responses

  1. Ha, I knew that couldn’t be right. Pretty impressive costume nonetheless.

    Scyther pretty much made Red the version to own. Who wanted a Pincer?

  2. I did! Bleeeyegh!

  3. Hi, I like your pictures, the “self-photoshoped” one (the 2nd) in particular. Although I skipped most of the text, I really appreciate the combination of visual images and video display.

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