Japan Hit by 8.9 Earthquake

(C) Groktheha Youtube Channel

Japan, the originating home of Pokemon and gijinka has been hit by a devastating earthquake.  The shockwaves have caused a tsunami that is now spreading across the Pacific.  As I’m writing this to you, Hawaii has reported the first expected high-surf (which thankfully wasn’t as bad as expected) and California is expecting the waves in a few minutes.

Hundreds are feared dead in the city of Sendai, which is located about 200 miles northeast of Tokyo.  According to LA Times, the is the 5th largest earthquake since 1900 and the biggest in Japan in 140 years.  In the same article, Prime Minister Naoto Kan encouraged his people to remain calm.  He also said that the nation’s many nuclear facilities were reported unharmed, but currently Fukushima (the location of one of the largets nuclear facilities in nation) is trending on Twitter as a concern due to a reported abnormality.  Here is a Google Maps locator to see its location in relation to some of Japan’s major cities.

While earthquakes are a common occurrence in Japan, this latest disaster takes place at an ill time, especially following only weeks after the earthquake in New Zealand.  In August of 2009, a 6.5 earthquake struck near Tokyo but caused minimal damage.

In regards to Nintendo, Kotaku.com was reporting on tweets from leading game developers such as Masahiro Sakurai (Smash Bros.).  All are reporting to be fine and encouraging their staff to remain in a safe location or at home.

For more video on the tsunami effects on Japan and surrounding areas, please visit
Io9.com’s collection of all the videos posted so far.

Our hearts go out to those affected in Japan.
If you want to help in the relief, please donate to the Red Cross




3 Responses

  1. I feel so sorry for this sad news. We have some presenters from Japan for the Miami conference. They were all sitting in front of TV and watching news~it is too sad….Hope it will get better. No more sad news~

  2. Kotaku has a post about the Twitter rumor involving the unconfirmed status of Satoshi Tajiri, creator of Pokemon.


    Lots of contradictory information out there. Hopefully, it’ll prove to be a false rumor.

  3. Fortunately a false (Twitter) rumor. The fandom is kinda weird about all this. They immediately hop onto the internet to make sure their favorite Japanese celebs (anime writers, manga artists, game makers) are ok.


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