Poké-geddon is at last upon us

(C) Toymania

In about a few hours, Nintendo is going to have its massive launch party at the Rockefeller Center.  Last November they converted their regular Nintendo shop into a fully-stocked “Pokemon Center.”  I can’t imagine how crowded it’s going to be there with all the screaming little kids and The Presidents of the United States playing.  That’s right.  You remember alternative rock band, PotUSA?  Famous for hits like “Peaches” and “Kitty.”

(C) The Boston Phoenix

Nintendo tapped them to write a song similar to the PokéRap.  I can assure that it is no less embarrassing, but hey, a gig is a gig.

How does it compare to its critically-acclaimed predecessor?  I’ll let you be the judge.

I’m sure the event will be a huge hit for Nintendo.  Whether it snags this new generation of gamers they’ve been trying to reach with Pokemon Black & White remains to be seen.  I think these games truly are timeless.  They have their old fans and new ones always come along.  Even if they don’t stick around forever like yours truly.


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