Duskull – Personal Gijinka Project

Sometimes, it’s the art that gets you going. Saw this.  Liked it.  It’s going to get made.

From Tony Kanal on Tumblr

-by Tony Kanal on Tumblr-


Not for me of course.  My girlfriend has graciously volunteered to be the model for this completed costume….
Just so you have some reference, this girl’s costume is based on this cute little guy.

There are plenty of other great gijinkas of this guy out there but I especially like the girl one because it looks like a hoodie.  And how hard could a hoodie be to make right?  Actually, I’m attempting a large hoodie from scratch with no real pattern to work with.  Gnacissej on crafster.org is where I’m getting all the guidance to make this thing.  I’m violating the best advice from Sean Patton by attempting this with no pattern.

Did you know I don’t even know how to sew either?  Fortunately, I have Blogher to help me out with that.

Anyways, here’s the fabric.  I’ve already made the mask but now it’s time to cut some shapes and sew.  I got 4 yards of 100% brown cotton fabric, 1/2 yard of white cotton, along with some nylon mesh, a thick white fun foam sheet.  The mask is made but it needs some serious touching up.  Plus, I’d like to put an LED light on the back of it to give that glowing red eye effect.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’m starting the sewing right now and I’ll keep you posted on how it turns out.


One Response

  1. ^_^ I like the costume~~Looking forward to seeing more of these. By the way, I am really impressed by your passion. Keep on~~~ !

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