Munna – Gijinka Personal Project

I played the game the other day and stumbled upon #23, Munna, the “dream eater” pokemon.


Art by Ken Sugimori of Pk Black and White

Holy Moly this thing freaks me out.   Maybe it’s the red eyes.  They remind me of those rats they used… to sell at pet stores that had solid red eyes.

No really, I don't think that's cute

I’m not really sure what the story behind Munna is.  He’s a psychic pokemon that has a pink tone with purple flower patterns near his rear.  According to Bulbapedia, he’s supposed to resemble a koro, a Japanese incense burner, but also shares similarities with the mythological creature known as the Baku, which was a tapir-like creature that ate dreams.  Laugh all you want about this crazy inspiration for the design, but this is the kind of stuff I eat up!  Ken Sugimori and the Game Freak staff really have their work cut out for them.

Anyways, Munna’s pretty easy to draw but thinking about turning him into a costume takes a little bit of left-brain thinking.  How do you turn a round pink creature into a costume that a dude can (reasonably) wear?

I got lucky.  The idea came to me in the middle of the night, just as I was about to fall asleep.

Ok, so let’s start with Munna’s Key Features
1. Pink Skin
2. Red Eyes
3. Purple Flower Pattern
4. Round Shape
5. Pink Oval Spot on His Forehead

Ta da! He looks like a rich bald dude on vacation!

Horrendous drawing ability aside, I feel like I’ve captured all the key features in a wearable (and certainly affordable) costume.

Items needed:
Red Shades or Red Contacts
Shaved Head/Bald Cap
Large Pink Quartz on Necklace Chain
Hawaiian shirt with existing pattern/Pink Shirt + Purple&Pink fabric to sew on
Pink Shorts

Work in Progress (WIP) photos will be up shortly but I’ll definitely post the finished product.


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