Yamask – Gijinka Personal Project

Random.org introduced me to pokémon #562 (#68 B/W), Yamask (Jp. Desumasu).  He’s a black ghost with two large red eyes with black irises.  He also has long arms and holds a golden mask below it’s head.  The mask immediately took me back to my art history days, and made me recall the Mask of Agamemnon.  The name “Desumasu” is a Japanese transliteration of …what sounds like “Death-Mask” so it fits with the Greek funeral mask tradition.  However, Bulbapedia states that he’s based on the Egyptian “ba” which is the ancient Egyptian equivalent of what we might know as the “soul” or “spirit.”

After drawing him for a bit, I had a thought.  What if I made a gijinka for Yamask in 30 minutes or less?  He has simple enough features and perhaps it would be a good exercise in rapid-fire costume design.  When you have a short time limit, you have to solve problems quickly, which may actually open up solutions you may not be able to think of.  In order to complete this challenge, I would have to use only what was available to me in my home.  Lucky for me, I had some red and black fun foam, spray glue, an old halloween alien mask, and a phone cord.  To capture his dark complexion, I turned a black hoodie backwards and used the sleeves to cover my hands.  I’ve posted the results in a slideshow below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What it lacks in quality, it makes up for in authenticity.  All his features are fairly well preserved.  The mask is awful, though.  It’s pale, has dark sockets and thins out at the bottom with a little frowny face.  Also the hood opening, which was now in the back of my head, required some sort of clamping device.  Oh yeah, last thing, it’s almost impossible to breath in this.  Backwards hoods are strangely not conducive to oxygen consumption. Who-da thunk?

This batch of photos will definitely be added to the cosplay section so please Rate, Comment, (or laugh a little).


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