Random.org + Gen V Pokedex + Drawing = Awesome

It hasn’t taken me long to really get into the Gen V pokemon.  Some of their designs are absolutely amazing.  So when I want to start drawing them and getting some ideas for costumes, it’s hard to pick out where to go.

Enter Random.org.  What I do every week is I plug a number between 1 – 155 (the # of pokemon in Black/White) and whichever # pops up, I have to draw it.

Gateway to Awesome

It’s pretty simple and it gives me a lot of diversity.  I end up with pokemon I wouldn’t normally pick and that forces me to get to know the creature really well.

By the way, if you really want to make a solid gijinka costume, my advice would be to spend some time drawing the pokemon you’re interested in.  Something about sitting down and capturing every detail of the little poke-critter gives you the best insight as to what their most noticeable features are.


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